Additional Allergy Research Studies Being Conducted by the ITN

LEAP – Learning Early About Peanut Allergy

LEAP demonstrated that consumption of a peanut-containing snack by infants who are at high-risk for developing peanut allergy prevents subsequent development of allergy. A follow-up study, LEAP-ON, found that the peanut allergy prevention achieved in the LEAP study persists after a one year period of avoiding peanut.

IMPACT – Oral Immunotherapy for Induction of Tolerance and Desensitization in Peanut-Allergic Children

IMPACT is a clinical research study testing whether daily oral exposure to a peanut product can modify peanut allergy in young children.

CATNIP – Anti-TSLP Plus Antigen-Specific Immunotherapy For Induction of Tolerance in Individuals with Cat Allergy

A clinical research study testing whether giving cat allergy shots combined with an experimental medication will work better in treating allergic symptoms to cat.

GRASS – Long-Term Effects of Sublingual Grass Therapy

This study is testing the effectiveness of two commercially available tolerance-increasing treatments for hay fever to induce long-term tolerance.

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